Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UNF Pre-Dental Society's First Meeting of the Semester!

This is the Pre-Dental Society's first meeting of the semester! This year, we have a lot planned, and it is crucial to be in attendance for this meeting in order to become familiar with events to come. We will be holding elections for our new officers, and will be having students who have recently taken the DAT, and have had interviews, speak about their experiences, what to expect, and how to prepare. This meeting will launch us into our second official year, and attendance is highly advised to start off in good standing.

Daniella Sousou
Pre-Dental Society President
Building 2 (Founder's Hall) ; Room 1017

Friday, August 5, 2011

Congrats, Pre-Dents, on the second official year for the club!

Hello fellow Pre-Dentals! Hope everyone's summer is going great, for those with summer courses - hope finals went just as you hoped! The club is ready to move into its second official year, and that means elections are drawing near :) We have 5 OPEN POSITIONS: VP, Treasurer, Secretary, PR Manager, and Volunteer Coordinator. These positions are a great way to get involved with the club and also open you to possibly new opportunities and experiences. If you are interested, email me and I will send you a form to fill out.  I need all applications as soon as possible to that I can set up meetings with each of you within two weeks, so let me know soon!

With that said, our next meeting will be taking place towards the end of August/beginning of September. All updates will be posted here and on our blogspot.

Hope everyone enjoys summer as it comes to a close!


Pre-Dental Club President
email me at: d.sousou.120675@unf.edu