About Us

Objectives of our club include, but are not limited to:

Specific discussion and preparation for the Dental Admission Test (DAT).
Opportunities for students to communicate ideas, share information about preparation methods, and offer peer to peer tutoring sessions.
Receive feedback from upper level students who have taken the DAT.

Creating shadowing and volunteer* opportunities for all UNF pre-dental club members.
Dentists around the city will be offering shadowing/volunteer opportunities.
Dental related volunteer activities in hospitals around the city.

Meetings will be held with speakers from well known universities (such as UF, Nova, etc).
Information will be provided about the admission process, academic requirements, faculty, classes, and facilities of the different universities.

Other insights to increase the chances of getting accepted into desired schools and suceeding in the field of dentistry (e.g. DAT Kaplan Course , Paid Internship Opportunities, etc.)

Daniella Sousou President | Thomas Pike Vice President | Mike Aaro– Treasurer | Christine Edralin Volunteer Coordinator | Farah Barnouti Public Relations Manager | Austin BelknapSecretary | Alexander Martinez - Publisher