Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are you taking the DAT this summer ??

If so, the following e-mail might interest you...

Hello Pre-Dental Club Officer,
My name is Christine Edralin and I recently joined the club during the last meeting on March 10. I am planning to take my DAT end of June to early July this summer and planning to take the Kaplan Test Prep course Classroom On Site. Unfortunately, when I contacted Kaplan's Customer Service yesterday, they informed me that the nearest Classroom On Site for the DAT near Jacksonville is the Kaplan Center in Gainesville, Fl. However, the Customer Service representative, Sri, informed me that if there are atleast 6 people willing to take Kaplan Test Prep course Classroom On Site in Jacksonville that there is a way to import one of the trained and high-scoring instructors to teach the course in Jacksonville, Fl. He said that we would have input regarding the days and time meetings since a set schedule has not been made for our location. I was thinking anytime between April and June since I needed to take the DAT the end of June or early July. Please notify everyone about this proposal as soon as possible since we need atleast 6 students for them to request an instructor to be imported here, and it might take a couple weeks for the proposal to be approved and find an instructor willing to commute to Jacksonville. The cost of the Classroom On Site program is 3 installments of $466.33, but they have a promotion of $100 off the total amount if enrolled by April 4. Additionally, there is also a 10% discount if you say that you are a member of the Pre-Dental Club at UNF. If you have further questions please contact Sri, the Customer Service representative, as he can further explain the proposal to you. His direct contact line is 646-335-4874 and mention my name since I have been in close contact with him regarding this. Thank you for your time, hope to hear back from you soon.

Christine Edralin

Those of you interested in the Kaplan Prep Course on sight proposal, please contact Christine and see if you can get a group of 6 students together... Her email is c.edralin@unf.edu

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